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Attends Quick Dry™ curly fibres draw away urine from the surface, to be... mehr
Productinfo "Attends Slip Active No.8 ,medium ,, 28er Packung"

Attends Quick Dry™ curly fibres draw away urine from the surface, to be locked away in the core of the slip. Bitte beachten Sie das wir je nach Lagerbestand und Lieferbereitschaft neue S wie auch vorgaenger Ware liefern . Die Auswahlmoeglichkeit ist lediglich optional.

Each slip has a pale blue wetness indicator, which disappears when wet, to help you identify when the pad needs to be changed. You do not need to change the slip after each gush, making them last longer.

Attends Slips are available in a range of sizes. Measure your waist / hips, whichever is larger, to select the correct size. When fitting, make sure the bottom tabs are secured first, and then the top, pointing towards your belly button.

Attends Slip Extra



Quick Dry

Quick Dry™ is a unique technology that is only available on Slips and Contours from Attends. It consists of an acquisition patch, that is in the centre of the pad, between the soft top sheet, and the core of the pad, where urine is locked away.

The Quick Dry™ fibres underneath the top sheet spread the liquid throughout the core. The quick dry funnels open up to let liquid quickly in, but then close, preventing it returning to the surface. The fibres can open and close several times, allowing them to handle several gushes. In the core, the urine is turned into a gel, reducing the chance of any leakage.



Odour Protection

The main cause of unpleasant smells is the development of ammonia. Bacteria found normally in the body break down the urine, this can cause embarrassment, but also can raise the pH of the skin, which can cause the skin to break down. The combination of Quick Dry™ fibres and Odour Protection superabsorber, only in Attends, allows you to benefit from the ammonia being locked away and the pH lowered to maintain the skin’s natural pH. This reduces the chance of unpleasant smells, and, with skin dryness, helps keep your skin in the best condition. All these are achieved without the addition of perfumes or other additives



Lock-in Leakage Protection

Investing in a full leakage barriers, to the end of the pad, and using the latest topsheet technology, we are able to give you outstanding skin dryness and leakage protection. Front and rear barriers, prevent liquid leaking out. The Lock in system, allows liquid to spread inside the pad, but not be forced back out, against the skin, to cause wetness, or soreness.

Groesse-size:: M
Aussenseite-Cover:: PVC
Befestigung-Tapes:: 2
Verwendung-use for:: Tag-Day
Farbe-colour:: weiss-white
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