2006 Omutsu Windelhose Baumwollhose weiss (WT)

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Jetzt auch in 110-170cm XXXL !! Now in new size !! Super dicke Windelhose , eine sehr... mehr
Produktinformationen "2006 Omutsu Windelhose Baumwollhose weiss (WT)"
Jetzt auch in 110-170cm XXXL !! Now in new size !!
Super dicke Windelhose , eine sehr schwere saugstarke Qualitaet , 6 Lagen absorbierendes Material , ua.Baumwolle .Sie benoetigen zum Schutz eine Auslaufsichere Schutzhose ueber diese Windel .Der Klettverschluss macht ein nahezu beliebiges Verstellen moeglich .
Zur Maschinenwaesche geeignet .Baumwolle lauft ein ! Nach dem waschen Verrringerung um 5-10% der Groesse.
  1. Made with 3 layers of 100% cotton and 6 layers of absorbent soaker material.
  2. NOT waterproof,so you need add cover.
  3. Soft leg elatic and adjustable velcro closures ensure a snug fit.
  4. Easy use ; cosiness; snug ;healthful ; pretty; very soft and ventilate ; fast dry.
  5. Machine washable and dryable

M-L = 70-110cm , laenge 90cm .

L-XXL = 80-150cm , laenge 100cm.

It is with velcro closures, anti leackage system at legs, elastic waistband in the backside for a perfect fitting.
The high performance absorbing assure protection for the whole night, or longher period between changes during the day.The KNOW HOW in stuffs and materials made in baby diapers production has been putted in this realization, to assure to an adult person the same comfort and protection gived to babies.
This is the unique and real adult diaper, not the usual bargian things you can find in the market.
Perfect for bedwetting problems, neurologic bladder, weelchair people, and incontinent people.

Weitere Informationen: http://www.airoliver.de/foto/


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